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Has one quarter of the year gone already? Work has been insane these past few months and I'm just about able to catch my breath now.

Anyway, hopefully, I can resume some form of fannish life from now on. My writing mojo's back somewhat for now - I'm in the midst of wrapping up my Teen Wolf (DO NOT JUDGE ME) story for [profile] werewolfbigbang. And hopefully, eventually, finish In the Fashionable Mode sometime this year. Probably closer to Christmas, the rate things are going and at the pace I write.

Plus, I finally bit the bullet and got myself an A03 account: thestreetballet, which is the same as my tumblr.

Oh, and I'm embarking on a Keanu Reeves marathon. Speed, Constantine, The Lake House, Matrix... Mr Reeves, you try so damn hard to act, but you can't. Never mind, I still love you anyway.
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After much fumbling and bumbling, I got me a fandom tumblr.

entering the neutral zone - why yes, I am tres original indeed.

My favourite entry for the night might be relevant for those who have watched both Generation Kill and X-Men: First Class - best crossover idea, yes?

So. Who else has a tumblr? *grin*
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[profile] cynic_in_charge passed me La Femme Nikita over the weekend. I'm a fan of the series, though I have to confess that I never watched it from the start.

I've only just gone past the first two episodes, though one thing that has struck me early is how greasy Michael looks. We're talking grade A Snape-style hair, though to be fair to Michael, he predates Snape by quite a few years. [profile] cynic_in_charge and I were wondering if our memories fooled us, because I never remembered quite that level of hair!Fail before.

Birkhoff is as yummy as ever though (I still want to squish him!), so here's to hoping that the rewatch will not ruin the warm, fuzzy memories I have of the series.

And while we're still on the subject of La Femme Nikita, have the theme song.

La Femme Nikita Theme Song by Mark Snow

Yip yip

Dec. 25th, 2010 01:16 pm
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Merry Christmas to all!

So I have finally started watching Avatar: The Last Airbender. I know, it's five years too late, but still. Zuko's easily my favourite character, followed by Sokka. Oddly enough, decision to finally start on the show was inspired by my watching The Airbender movie on the plane during my leave.

As for the movie itself, only one phrase - thank goodness it was free. Well, the plane ticket clearly wasn't free but whatever. I watched it with the bare bones knowledge of the animated series. Enough so that I wasn't lost in the details but that's not the point. The point was just how bad it was.

I won't even bother to go on further, but my favourite review is easily the one by the Guardian, complete with the hilarious references to British slang.

And that was just the movie per se. We've not even started on the problematic casting.

So here I am, back at the original series, and enjoying myself thoroughly. In LOTR, I wanted my own fell beast and in Star Wars, I wanted my own astromech droid. For now, I totally want my own flying bison.
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I have watched Tron Legacy.

That's all I have to say at the moment, but damn, Garrett Hedlund (who I last saw flirting with Brad Pitt in Troy) cleans up well.
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Inspired by [personal profile] yetunknown

I always liked their version, but was really glad to see Take That remaking their remake to return to the actual roots of the song, as it were. The ITV version is still not as good as how they did it in the Beautiful World Tour, but this is close enough.

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OK so I am on a roll. Pardon me for sounding excessively chirpy, but I'm feeling rather cheered lately, as my migraines seem to have tapered off for the moment and I'm getting closer to my pre-migraine self.

Moving on. [profile] thelovemafia lent me The Demon's Lexicon and The Demon's Covenant. The first I read whilst I was on holiday at Langkawi, snuck surreptitiously between car rides, and some late night reading as the rest of the family slumbered.

I didn't realise your concern was so entirely practical. )
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So I've finally watched BBC Sherlock. All three episodes.

Admittedly, this post is rather late in coming - I finished watching it last month. I had kept myself relatively spoiler-free fortunately despite all the squeeing on LJ-land about it. It also helped that [personal profile] horusporus warned me about the dreaded Second Episode, so my admittedly high expectations were moderated appropriately.

Problematic second episode aside - can we pretend that it never existed? I very much wish it were so, because it was so painful - it's a brilliant take on Sherlock. The casting was a huge stroke of genius; the show comes together nicely mostly because of Benedict Cumberbatch (I will quote the Guardian here, but that is a truly splendid name) and Martin Freeman. And of course, the writing. Ha. Second episode aside. Thank goodness for the return to form in the third episode. I shall buy the DVD set and skip the second episode almost always, I think.

And I know people are raving over Cumberbatch the newly-minted sex symbol and he's certainly very compelling to look at because those cheekbones are to die for, but it's Martin Freeman for me all the way. Or to be more precise, it's his version of Watson that I love. Can't help it, I'm biased that way.
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The World Cup has ended, and I finally have a life again. What do I do?!

That aside, I watched both Ip Man and Ip Man 2 on DVD sometime during the quarters and semis of the WC. They were hilariously bad, complete with the necessary tropes: everything is black and white, foreigners = EVIL PEOPLE, kung fu masters = the moral axis you can depend on. But what struck me the most was how Donnie Yen cleans up in a most nerdy, Chinese school sort of way. I can almost imagine him in a Chinese High uniform. Though the image of Mr Yen in the hotpants of aforementioned school is rather horrifying. 0_o

Mind you, I still liked the Ip Man movies ^^ I need my brainlessness and they fulfilled the requirements in a most satisfactory fashion.
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Last week, the local DJs on the Malay radio channel geared towards the younger set had an open discussion as to which artiste was the most 'obit'. It's a word that doesn't translate well at all to English, though I think the closest dialect equivalent would be 'obiang'.

Many names were suggested, none of which registered in my brain. But I was reminded of what is, IMO, the best line from Fauziah Ahmad Daud, from Lontong (which incidentally, is my favourite Hari Raya drama): "Tapi kita nak baju ropol-ropol macam Ramlah Ram!"
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So I watched Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief the other day. It was fun, fun, fun. Not the best movie ever but it was entertaining. I've never read the books, which is a shame as apparently they're even sillier than the movie (oh hai, I had no idea Poseidon wore Hawaiian shirts) so that means I need to hunt them down. No, I do read srs books, so allow me my fun.

Plus, the almost random turn of major and not-so-major actors dressing up as Olympian gods was nothing short of amusing. Sean Bean and Kevin McKidd totally rocked their togas, Uma Thurman as Medusa was WTF and Rosario Dawson as a disaffected Persephone provided much lulz. Melina Kanakaredes, I love you bebe in CSI:NY but that British accent was c'est terrible. Never do it again, please. And hearing Poker Face will never fail to make me giggle after that horrific but compelling Lotus Casino dance sequence.

I left the theatre thinking that this is a movie whose protagonist:
- has major father issues
- lives with his mother and jackass of a stepfather
- has pretty blue eyes (I rather like the explanation given for his eyes, in all honesty. Yes, I am shallow that way)
- has a mentor/father figure who is wheelchair-bound (sort of) and encourages rule-breaking (somewhat)

and was therefore bemused, because WHY DOES THIS SOUND SO FAMILIAR?
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Because I promised [personal profile] horusporus this. And because I continue to be amused by her discussion re: the Fast and Furious franchise with [personal profile] scaramouche.

I thereby dedicate this post to [personal profile] frangipani <3 <3 <3

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Merry Christmas to all those who celebrate it! (never mind the fact that I spent Xmas eve with a migraine but that's another story.)

Meanwhile, Yuletide is open and yes, there are Castle and Hurt Locker fics. ♥

*dansu dansu*
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[profile] horosporus, I certainly hope there is a KL version of this.
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If things work out... TOS Season Two watch starts tonight.

(Hush, I know I sound terribly one-track at the moment, but look me in the eyes and tell me honestly that there's something worth squeeing over on TV at the moment.)
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My memories of the original Fame movie is vague and scattered -- I watched it as a child in primary schoool -- but one thing that definitely stayed was iconic scene where the student body moves out to the street to dance.

And of course, there was the theme song. It expressed the energy and the transience of youth perfectly, but yet also conveys the underlying fear of not having done enough to make your mark. Remember my name, indeed.

Suffice to say, I'm rather unimpressed by the remake of the song. It's got some pop, some hip hop, some everything... but ultimately lacks the character of the original. It goes without saying I have a feeling the remake will have a very short shelf life.

Eh, whatever. I'm definitely over-thinking the issue. It's just a song. ^^ But have the original, nonetheless.

Fame (Irene Cara)
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So I'm juggling between TNG, the last episodes of BSG and ST: TOS. But there is one very important thing I need to say:

Dear JJ Abrams, your penchant for serving the male, heterosexual teen fanboy demographic is noted. In recompense, I demand that Reboot!McCoy has more scenes in the next movie; preferably ones where he wears the "silk, short-sleeved 'laboratory' tunic for the CMO". He must.

Oh, while we're still at it, having Reboot!Kirk wear that green wraparound tunic wouldn't be unappreciated either. Might as well make it a double.
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+ I have three episodes of Merlin S2 sitting in my laptop, waiting to be watched. I've yet to get round to them, partly because I prefer marathoning (OK that is not a real word) my TV shows rather than watching them one episode at a time.

+ Southland has beeen cancelled. EFFFFFFFFFFFFFF you, NBC. Can I at least hope for a DVD release of the first season?

+ I've finished season one of TNG. Will probably take another round at it, or at least the better episodes. It pleases me to no end to recall how many of those episodes I managed to watch the first time they aired in Singapore. After all, this season was my introduction to Trek. Allow me to reminisce and fill myself with geeky glee. Though let's face it, on hindsight, it's terribly uneven and Troi and Wesley Crusher still invite mockery. There's only so many times that a boy that young should be able to save a ship...

+ AHAHAHA There's going to be Phua Chu Kang Pte Ltd Sendirian Berhad. WHAT, just WHAT.


Sep. 22nd, 2009 11:56 am
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Paid account - done.

More importantly, [personal profile] frangipani's going to join me in my TNG rewatch ultra-marathon ♥

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